By reflecting on our years in the hospitality industry, we've found that everything we do when it comes to designing & planning events can be divided into steps of service.

It begins with the initial inquiry, where we learn about your preliminary ideas for your special event. It's best if this inquiry happens right after you've gotten engaged,

but if you've already started the planning process, we can help. 


We would love to be an integral piece of the process from start to finish.

Maureen Renée Events takes on a limited number of full-service weddings each year, so we encourage you to reach out as soon as you've said 'yes'!


After inquiry, we offer a complimentary consultation to learn more about each other.

If you decide that we're a great fit, we will provide you a customized pricing proposal,

tailored to your event needs.

Once the proposal is accepted & the contract signed, we get started!

The four steps of service below make up our full-service planning & design offering.  




Once you've chosen Maureen Renée Events as the best fit for your celebration, we begin the planning process straightaway. 

From selecting the perfect venue & creative team, to our investment mapping exercise, Maureen Renée Events starts every client on the right foot. By leading our clients with experience, the process is simplified & stress-free, allowing you to focus on your life outside of the event.  

Each step of the way, we are with you. The systems & process driven client experience we have in place are built to streamline the planning phase. We ensure each planning benchmark is hit by providing customized checklists, calendars & personalized guidance.

With a solid roadmap & top-tier planning tools, we will guide you towards making the right choices for the big day!



The total investment is a combination of a planning & design fee, management fee,

and production percentage. 

The final overall investment is based on the scope, size, location,

and logistics of each unique event.

We find most often that the best fit for our full-service service package begins

with an approximate investment of $650 per guest.

We arrive at this investment per guest by taking your total target investment

for the event, divided by the anticipated attending guests.



Maureen Renée Events offers a limited number of individual wedding service packages each year. 

These offerings allow our clients to have access to our expert advice & guidance through pivotal moments of the process. We will set you up for success.

Wedding Planning

Ideal for couples who are at the beginning stages of the process with a high priority in sticking to a precise budget.


This couple knows the perfect pre-qualified team is of the utmost importance.

Investment begins at $4500

Event Management

A.K.A. "day of" or "month of" wedding coordination. 


This offering is perfect for couples who have the time & desire to take the lead planning their own event, but want expert advice to assist them in the final six-months.

Investment begins at $3500

Design & Production

This offer is perfect for couples who have a high priority on a unique design

& want to ensure their investment in the aesthetics is highlighted.

This is a great add-on to the Event Management offering.


Investment begins at $5500 



Conveying our ideas through inspirational images is 

a wonderful way to help our clients understand our design vision.  Sometimes though, during the conceptual phase of the design,

the image we have in our design-brain can only be

shown through our own hand-sketches!

This is an integral part of the design phase for Maureen Renée Events.

We love creating works of art for our clients as a visual tool. 


  For each of our design decks, we include sketches of things like wedding cakes, guest tables, décor installations,

ceremony set-ups, and more!

We also offer our sketches to those looking for a unique

anniversary, birthday, or housewarming gift. A sketch

of a couples new home, wedding cake, or special wedding memory

makes the perfect keepsake! 


Visit The Wedding Sketch Shop below & swipe to see

a few of our recent sketches!



Maureen Renée Events is passionate about bringing a high-level of hospitality to any experience through food, beverage, ambiance, entertainment, décor & guest service.

Are you thinking about a new experiential marketing campaign for your company's next pop-up?  Are you embarking on a new restaurant concept that you'd like to be next-level for your diners?

Perhaps you're opening a brand new event space, but don't know where to start?

Would you like to send your team a curated & thoughtful custom gift box?

We'd love to help bring those ideas to life! 


Maureen Renée Events offers creative services, hospitality consulting & event planning

for brands & companies that are motivated by guest hospitality.  

To inquire, send us a note & let us know how we could partner with you!



We can't wait to chat about your

upcoming celebration!