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Sláinte: Summer Watermelon Cocktail

Another month in quarantine, another margarita recipe!

This month, I wanted to make something that was summery, refreshing, and features some of my favorite ingredients. I'm a huge fan of incorporating sparkling water into cocktails. It helps bring the bubbles and cut on the calories. During this time, I doubt I'm the only one trying to cut out a few of those!

It's watermelon season! I absolutely love watermelon in the summer time - it just hits different. If you have a bit of extra watermelon laying around (because for some reason humans - myself included - insist on buying a melon that is 1/2 our bodyweight, so I always do), grab it out of fridge & get ready to enjoy a delicious sparkling watermelon marg!

Mix up this recipe & let me know if you felt as fancy as I did enjoying it. $14 artisanal cocktail menu? We don't know her.


That's Irish for cheers!

She's Sparkling

  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with 1 shot of Espolon Tequila (any premium tequila will work, but this is my #1!)

  2. Add 1/2 shot of Triple Sec

  3. Add 1/2 shot of fresh lime juice

  4. Add four large cubes of fresh watermelon

  5. Mash & muddle ingredients

  6. Add ice; shake vigorously

  7. Rim your favorite glass with lime juice & rim with sugar

  8. Fill glass with fresh ice & strain margarita over new ice

  9. Top with Pastèque La Croix sparkling water

  10. Serve with a wedge of Tajin dusted watermelon


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