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Sláinte: Good Riddance 2020

Wow - the end of the's finally here. I truly didn't know if we would make it, y'all.

No better way to send 2020 quietly into the night than with a festive cocktail, amirite?

This New Year's Eve was spent with my quarantine duo, but we still wanted to bring a bit of fun to a much different celebration than we are used to. Taking inspiration from Jac Vanek, my fave emo-kid turned fabulous star, I too decided to make this signature cocktail & send 2020 what it deserved - two middle fingers with a smile.

Let's hope this cocktail also includes some good juju that rolls into 2021. While I can't guarantee that, I can guarantee that this will taste delicious!

You can easily batch this cocktail to make 2+ at a time for your mini-NYE celebration, so I recommend finding your favorite set of fancy glasses & getting to it!


That's Irish for cheers - don't y'all know that by now?

She's Over You 2020

  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with a handful (per cocktail) of raspberries (make sure they're not too ripe!)

  2. Add 2-3 sprigs of mint

  3. Add fresh squeezed juice of 1/2 a lime

  4. Add 1 shot of your favorite vodka (I recommend Tito's!)

  5. Add ice; shake vigorously

  6. Rim your fancy glasses with honey & dip into colored sprinkles or Pop Rocks

  7. Strain your cocktail into the rimmed glass

  8. Top with cold Champagne until full

  9. Garnish with a raspberry & sprig of mint

My fancy blush & gold wine glasses are from Anthropologie - linked here!


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